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Team RAMCO Testimonials

A special thanks to the “TEAM” at Team Ramco.  Your response to our problem allowed us to meet our friends in time to complete our planned sight-seeing trip in South East Arizona.  Please enjoy this token of our appreciation.

            Ralph & Judy Longfellow

Team Ramco- Flash & Staff:

I want to Thank you and your staff for your patience and excellent service.  With as many complications as there were, you and your staff went above & beyond.  Team Ramco is first rate!

Thank You

Donna West

Thank you, Flash for the great job on our transmission.  We made it back to Central Oregon safely and our Chevy pick-up drives better than it ever has since we bought it used last year.  We appreciate your thorough work and the clean truck.  God bless you all

            Carl & Marcy Marshall

Once again we want to express our sincere gratitude to you.  You saved our vacation by being uniquely generous.  We will never forget it.  Thank you so much for being wonderful people.

            Mike & Marci Selmer

I wanted to sincerely thank you for your support and assistance to my family at a time when we needed it the most.  Towards the end of a cross country military move from Maine to San Diego, the transfer case in my Bronco broke while towing a 10 foot trailer on I-8 in Yuma which left the vehicle powerless.  I coasted to a dirt lot off exit 16 and got out of the vehicle, tossed my hands in the air in frustration, and saw a Fire Department across the street.  I walked over to the Fire Department and explained the emergency to one of the Firemen who then helped me by letting me use his personal F-150 to tow my vehicle over to the Fire Department parking lot for the night.  I asked one of the Firemen if he had any suggestions as to where I could tow the truck for transmission repairs in the morning, he suggested “Team Ramco”.

After spending the night in a hotel I went back to the Fire Department and called Flash, the owner of Team Ramco.  I explained my dilemma to Flash and he told me have the truck towed over to his business.  When I arrived at Team Ramco Flash and one of his employees’ Corky brought the truck right into the shop and Flash knew exactly what the problem was.  Flash looked at me and told me he highly respected the Military and not to worry about the truck, he’d take care of it.  He brought my wife, two kids and my dog into his lounge area and gave us all cold water bottles and coffee.  He even got out a few movies for my kids to watch to keep them occupied.  Flash further explained to me exactly what he was going to charge me for labor and the cost of the parts needed to fix the problem.  I was allowed to watch the team work on the truck from start to finish.  I was also given a tour of the transmission repair shop by Corky.  Four hours later my Bronco was fixed and ready for the remainder of the drive to San Diego!

It’s fine Americans like the personnel at “TEAM RAMCO” that make me proud to serve the greatest nation on this planet.  Thank you TEAM RAMCO for your OUTSTANDING support and TEAM WORK!

MAC(SW) Bruce Kuhn, U.S. Navy

I have searched my mind and heart to try and find the words that would express my complete Thankfulness of your wonderful service to my car.

I must tell Flash first of all how proud I am of him because the really takes the time to listen when an old lady calls regarding her car possibly having problems.  You have a heart of gold and take the time to listen which makes a person feel good.

Then I met Adam, he captured my heart by telling me how much he enjoyed his family, especially his father Flash.  What a great man he is becoming and I am proud to say I know him.  As President of the General Federation of Women’s club of Yuma I will be working to help Adam in his future Welding studies.  I will be proud to say that he will be my project for this coming year.

To all the remaining crew of your Team Ramco, I give special thanks for listening to me.  Then topping it off, washing my car.  How precious you all are to me.

            Mary Erma Hubbard


Hats Off To Local Business Owner 

We recently had work done on our transmission at Team Ramco Transmissions.  The work was done quickly, but later we had a different issue with the same Vehicle.  Team Ramco took responsibility and made the additional repair at no extra charge for us, even though it cost him time and labor.  We appreciate the willingness of Flash and his qualified staff to stand behind their work.

Robby Robinson

Cc Yuma Daily Sun

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