Team RAMCO Transmissions and Torque Converters

About Team RAMCO


Team Ramco is owned by all of its partners, we have no employees, who all have a vested interest in providing our customers the very best in quality and timely repair of your vehicle.  We have been in Yuma for 10 years serving our customers.  Our philosophy is simply “through team work, Exceed our Customer’s Expectations” with honesty, integrity and by fixing your vehicle right the first time while making our customers experience with Team Ramco one they will never forget while having them become part of our family here at Team Ramco.


Team Ramco LLC. has been operating in Yuma, AZ since 2002. Prior to this time, we were located in Santee, Ca. for over 10 years. Our philosophy is and will always be to "exceed our customer's expectations" with our parts and services. We operate our business through two simple means, "honesty and integrity", period.

Our shop houses both our service bays, and our in-house torque converter manufacturing shop where we re-manufacture our heavy-duty converters and our well known Flashpoint racing converters.

We have 7 lifts that can handle any thing from imports to the largest motor homes and heavy-duty service trucks. Our experienced staff is trained in the latest transmission and torque converter technologies offered by both the OEM manufacturers as well as the after-market suppliers. We have over 80 years of combined experience in our staff and that is what makes the difference for you, our valued customers.


Team Ramco Code of Ethics 

Through honesty and integrity we will provide the very best automotive service and repair to all our customers doing it right the first time.  This is why they come to us in the first place.

 Through team work, inspire our partners to strive to fulfill the desires of our customers which is to repair their vehicle to the highest standards at the fairest price using the highest quality parts available to us, again, fixing it right the first time. 

Never repair a customers’ car without prior authorization by the customer.  Provide a written estimate when available to the customer.  Recommend corrective and maintenance services explaining the differences for each item. 

Insure the repair has taken care of the customers concern, again, doing it right the first time while insuring the customers’ vehicle is in a safe environment free from vandals and damage.   

In the rare occurrence of an issue with a customers’ vehicle, we provide a solution that is acceptable to both the customer and the business.

 Offer the very best warranty for transmission repair through ATRA, American Transmission Rebuilders Association, which covers the U.S. and Canada with over 2100 shops covering our warranties. 

Maintain the very best repair facility in safety, cleanliness, courtesy and over all respect for our customers and our fellow partners. 

Provide our customers with a customer lounge that provides a friendly and safe atmosphere that reflects on our service ability to quickly repair their vehicle to the highest standards.

 Some men see things as they are and ask why, while Flash sees things that never were  and asks why not? 

Inspiration of everyday is always to exceed where the others began.


Contact Manager:
"Flash" Sharrar


(928)-344-5368 (fax)

4701 Gila Ridge Rd.
Yuma, Az. 85365

We will stop your slips, your drips and your funny shifts!