Team RAMCO Transmissions and Torque Converters

Team RAMCO Billet Covered Torque Converters

Team Ramco’s line of available Billet covered torque converters is extensive. From High Performance applications to high powered Diesel applications for towing those heavy loads, Team Ramco has you covered.

We have been selling our Billet Converters for over 12 years and have great success in meeting the demands of our customers. The original Billet converter handles 1142 ft. lbs. of torque in Diesels and gas engines with stock torque and horsepower while our newest triple disc Billet converter handles over 1400 ft. lbs. of torque. These were created due to the power adders often installed on engines to increase horsepower and torque. Bully Dog, Edge chips, Hypertech are just some of the power adders used by our customers.

As you can see by the pictures, our Billet converters are built with the latest technology available to us. From the Billet front cover, Internal splined clutch plate, External splined clutch plate, Damper assembly and turbine hub, all are assembled here at Team Ramco in the good old USA.

Applications covered are:

  • GM
    • 4L80E
  • Chysler
    • 46RE
    • 47RE
    • 48RE
    • 68RFE
  • Ford
    • E4OD
    • 4R100
    • 5R110W
  • Allison
    • LT1000
    • LT2000
    • LT2400

All of the transmissions above can be had in either standard Billet or our Triple Disc converter configurations. So give us a call or email us with your needs or questions.