Team RAMCO Transmissions and Torque Converters

Team RAMCO Torque Converters


High quality torque converters by Team Ramco are remanufactured in our state of the art facility! We not only remanufacture standard torque converters to exceed OEM specifications, we also offer the Team Ramco Billet Covered and Triple Disc Torque Converters!

Teardown and Inspection

We first start with teardown and inspection.  We open the converter on our lathe to expose the inner parts of the converter.


We then wash all parts in our aqueous cleaner, no solvents.


We then disassemble the converter for brazing of the turbine fins.

Add New Parts

We assemble the converter with new parts needed including precision machining of various parts to achieve the correct build height and stall in the converter.  We have Warner/Swasey and Le Blond lathes for teardown and precision machining with trained personnel on all machines we use.

Clutch Bonding

We bond the clutches using our high temperature bonding system.

Reassemble & Weld

Then we reassemble the converter checking height once more and clearance of the clutch piston to cover.  The converter then goes to our automated welding system which is capable of .001” tolerances.  We set up the welder to produce as true as possible the hub to pilot alignment.

Pressure Test

After the converter cools, we then air check for any leaks after welding.  We pump in 120 PSI of air  to insure there are no leaks that would require the transmission to be removed again after filling.

Computer Balance

After air check, we computer balance the converter.  The reason for this is to keep vibrations down and to insure the longevity of the converter.  No one else in the southwest has balancing capabilities for torque converters.

Ready to Install

The converter is then painted and put in stock or installed in your vehicle.

Chevrolet/GMC/Allison transmissions/converters

All of our heavy duty converters are brazed for strength and versatility.  Most GM units come loose and break the internals of the converter.  We braze them to keep this from happening.  We use Billet covers and pistons for added strength and longevity.

When most components in a converter come apart, they tend to destroy the converter abruptly.  When they come apart they will take out the transmission costing you a complete rebuild so we suggest some Preventative Maintenance by installing one of our Billet converters before you lose your entire transmission.  When you install one of our Billet converters, you can expect a payback of 1-3 mile per gallon improvement in your vehicles fuel economy.

Broken Chevy Chevy Turbines

Brazed Chevy Turbine

Dodge Transmissions/Converters

The transmission/converter in your Dodge was designed to fail after warranty.  The cover has a tendency to bend and flex at the mounting tabs.  This causes an uneven wear of the lock up clutch assembly.  The factory clutch is .032” thick while our improved clutch made of a blend of Kevlar and Hi-Carbon materials is .066” thick.  Our clutches grab better when warm and far exceed the factory materials.  This has all been approved through racing and Hi Performance applications.  We use new dampener springs that increase strength for hi-torque applications from your Cummins diesel engines.  We down stall the converter to use the low end torque of your diesel engine for improved fuel economy.

The Dodge valvebody kit is designed to enhance the shift qualities of your Billet converter and help with the increase in miles per gallon of your vehicle.  The kit consists of springs and valves that are installed in your valvebody.  We also offer a new Billet governor Pressure solenoid kit for the Dodges.  These replace the faulty setup in your transmission that so often causes your truck to go into limp mode operation of your transmission.

Dodge Billet

Dodge Valvebody Kit

Ford Powerstroke Transmissions/Converter

The Ford diesels have the same design defects as the Chevy and Dodges, where the bottom cover has a tendency to bend and flex at the mounting tabs.  This is corrected with our Billet converter setup for your Ford.  We hand braze the turbine fins, install bearings where washers were installed at the factory and down stall the converter for improved fuel economy and performance.  With the Pump and Valvebody package, you have the best possible setup for your transmission.

Now available is a Billet converter for your F-150’s, Expeditions, Excursions with the 4.6L, 5.4L and V-10 engines.  The same quality and construction techniques are used in the building of our Billet converters for the smaller Ford applications including an anti-balloon plate for hi-output applications.

Billet Cover

The billet cover comes as a one piece billet cover. The covers all come standard with grade 8 nhra approved bolts. Then for you guys who have motor plates not a problem we can set you right up with the proper adapters that come included with the converter.

Racing Converters

We offer our Flashpoint Racing Converters for all manufacturers, Ford, Chevy, Dodge and even the Diesel hi-performance applications.  We offer stall speeds up to 2500 rpm in our 11” converters while 3,000 and up stall speeds have to be built using our Billet steel kits in 9” converters.  When you need one of these converters, we will need to know the following info:

            Motor size

            Weight of vehicle

            Gear ratio

            Tire size

            Transmission type

            Cam specs

            Type of racing/use

We can design and build your converter for whatever your application.  Our racing kits consist of fully brazed fins, anti-balloon plates, hardened splines and a one piece Billet cover.  New 727 Dodge kits are now available, for the Ford and Chevy guys, new mechanical diodes for up to 900HP no nitrous.  A spragless stator for applications over 900HP with Nitrous is also available.