Team RAMCO Transmissions and Torque Converters

Team RAMCO Torque Converters for your shop

Shop Managers and Shop Owners!

Are you ...
  • Tired of poor quality torque converters from your suppliers?
  • Tired of paying twice for R&R’ing transmissions?
  • Wasting fluid, stripping or breaking bolts?
  • Not delivering vehicles at the promised time?
  • Not making enough money in your shop because of all of the comebacks?

The answer is
Team Ramco Torque Converters!

We have been in the Torque Converter assembly business for over 20 years and fought the same battles you are experiencing with after market Torque Converters. So we started making our own and what a difference a quality Team Ramco Torque Converter makes for your profits and comeback rates. We have spent Hundreds of thousands dollars on new equipment over the last 20 years and are very proud of our shop and the performance of our Torque converters.

We offer all the same torque converter part numbers that you are using now , except we build our Team Ramco torque converters one at a time and build them with the quality needed so you don’t have to worry about the Team Ramco Torque Converter not performing up to your high standards.

We use the latest technology that our suppliers can produce in our constantly upgraded parts, only after proving the part will meet our strict quality standards. There is no guessing when you order a Team Ramco part!

Call us about our line up of specialty and standard torque converters that will meet your needs. From stock to HI Performance Billet Covered Diesel and gas engine applications in tow vehicles to our proven “FlashPoint” racing converters.

Why settle for less when you can have the best!!

Contact Manager:
"Flash" Sharrar


(928)-344-5368 (fax)